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Do you suffer from a bad back, poor posture, weak core

because your  job makes you stand or sit for too long?

Then you need my 6 week Strengthen & Lengthen course.

This course was designed for you if your job makes

your back feel 20 years older than it actually is!

Strengthen & Lengthen Post Natal Pilates Program (2)_edited.png
Strengthen & Lengthen Post Natal Pilates Program (1)_edited.png

Perfect if you are short on time and want to gain strength within your body or healing in your post natal period

If you are in your post natal period, then your pelvic floor & core need some strengthening with Pilates. 

This 6 week course consists of 10 minute classes 3-4 times per week.

It's perfect for your pelvic floor & core to regain it's strength & give you a few moments for some well needed 'you' time!


do you have a bad back from your job or hobby?
hairdressers, tattooist, beauticians, office workers, horse riders, 
teachers, nail technicians or do you just have a back that feels 20 years older than you actually are?
You NEED to try my 6 week course that will 100% help your aches and pains so you can stand taller and feel better.

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